This website is dedicated to the legacy of

Darrell Craig's HOUSTON BUDOKAN Inc.

Sensei Craig has retired and is no longer teaching the Classical Martial Arts of Japan.
Much of his knowledge and teachings have been captured in his Books.

Under the direction of Kyoshi Shihan Craig

The Houston Budokan served as a center for the study of the traditional martial arts of Japan and Okinawa for 50 Years. Here, the students had available to them instruction in an unusually broad range of forms and disciplines taught with the central purpose of enhancing the student's physical and mental well-being. Darrell Max Craig has black belts in ten different martial arts. In 1973 he was awarded the title of Shihan or master teacher--the equivalent of a knighthood in Japan and an honor rarely bestowed upon foreigners. Darrell Max Craig is now retired and working on his next novel.

Kyoshi Shihan Craig

Although retired, Sensi Craig’s legacy will live on in the hundreds of martial artists he trained and inspired

Author Darrell Max Craig

Darrell Craig’s books on the classic martial arts have evolved into a series of novels about turn of the century Japan

Houston Budokan Dojo

Although closed in 2017, the Houston Budokan Dojo had an inspiring 50 year history and it’s members have continued the traditions taught there

Classic Martial Arts of Japan

The Houston Budokan Dojo was dedicated to teaching the classis martial arts of Japan

Houston Budokan Gallery

Collection of photos highlighting the activities of Darrell Craig and the Houston Budokan

books by Darrell Max Craig

Books on Martial Arts and novels on Samurai at the dawn of Japan's modernization